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CMA looks to update Benchmark Study

In the wake of its industry-leading 2014 Benchmark Study, the Cabinet Makers Association has started a new study to refresh results captured earlier this year.

“With the last study results being 6 months old, we want to see if the optimism for a significant uptick in business expressed by the vast majority of the 800+ respondents to our earlier study has held true,” CMA executive director Dave Grulke said in a statement. “This brief refresher survey specifically addresses that question, as well as a few other areas not previously studied in depth.”

The CMA office has developed a fairly quick but insightful benchmark survey on these topics and more and needs your participation to fill in the blanks. The refresher survey itself is about 15 multiple-choice questions long and will take around 4-6 minutes for each participant to complete. Once the results are tabulated, those who have participated will be the first to receive the report.

As a special incentive, each qualified participant in this refresher study will receive a complimentary copy of the full 2014 Benchmark Study, a $39.95 value. Qualified participants include, but are not limited to, owners and senior managers of custom cabinet and woodworking businesses.

CLICK HERE to take the survey.

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