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CIM-Tech Router-CIM supports Lockdowel Eclips

CIM-Tech announces its Router-CIM program now enables CNC machines to cut and insert glue-less, tool-less Lockdowel Eclips assembly system.

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Any Router-CIM customer can insert Lockdowel Eclips drawings into their 2-D or 3-D design or rely on parametric placement of Eclips fittings by Router-CIM itself to generate the numerical control code for their specific CNC machine, according to the company.

Router-CIM customers can download construction methods and Eclips fitting placement drawings and specifications directly from the Lockdowel website (

“From our website we include the Lockdowel link that transfers a model, assembly, or drawing view directly into Router-CIM, allowing the user to cut solid models right inside AutoCAD or Mechanical Desktop,” CIM-Tech sales manager Kenny Belfatto said in a statement. “Router-CIM will pick up the cutting depth directly from the solid model.”

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