Brian Boggs opens woodworking training center


Chairmaker Brian Boggs has opened a woodworking school at his new studio in Asheville, N.C.

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As of December, five classes were scheduled for February through June. But while he will teach his share of chairmaking classes, Boggs emphasizes that the school is a professional training center with a mission to help establish independent craftsmen.

"The school will be an integral part of my plan to grow my business into a network of craftsmen. I will teach anybody that is interested in my classes, but I am especially interested in finding students looking to join a growing network of independent craftsmen dedicated to producing impeccable furniture.

"I also want to establish an apprenticeship program that will be part of the school. This is an idea I have been playing with for years and started offering that in Berea [Ky.]. Now that I have enough space to dedicate 2,000 square feet to just the school, I want to keep that space busy."

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