Bosch debuts pair of oscillating tools


Bosch introduced two oscillating multitools compatible with the Starlock family of accessories, developed in partnership with Fein.

The tools include model GOP40-30 with a 4.0-amp motor that accepts Starlock and StarPlus accessories, and model GOP55-36 with a 5.5-amp motor that also accepts StarlockMax accessories.

“The Starlock system represents a quantum leap in technology for oscillating tool users,” Bosch product manager Jim Stevens said in a statement. “The global Bosch team worked with users from an array of trades that is as diverse as the range of oscillating tool accessories. We worked to develop a system that’s easier to use and delivers maximum power transmission with tool options that can be tailored to individual professional needs. Accessory changes are tool-free and don’t require the user to even touch the accessory. Every aspect of this product line is focused on the user.”

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