Bioformix rebrands itself as Sirrus

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Bioformix, the company that introduced Nexabond Instant Wood Adhesive, changed its name to Sirrus to better reflect the company’s new mission to revolutionize manufacturing through innovations in chemistry.

“As we transition our long-term business model to commercializing breakthrough chemical platforms, including brand new technology based on 1,1-disubstituted alkene monomers, we wanted the company’s name and brand to reflect our evolution,” Sirrus CEO Jeff Uhrig said in a statement. “Sirrus is a dynamic name that communicates the high-level thinking that we can bring to partners in the consumer products, automotive, electronics, millwork, packaging and healthcare industries, who want step-change improvements to their products and processes.”

The company’s website was updated along with its name. Information on the company, its leadership, products and technologies can now be found at

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