Benz has new right-angle horizontal drilling head

Benz Inc. is introducing a new single-sided right-angle head aggregate specially designed for consistent horizontal machining of holes or grooves.

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“Drilling horizontal dowel holes into the leaves used to expand a dining room table is a perfect example of how this head might be used,” Paul Roza, the company’s national sales manager for wood, plastics and composites, said in a statement. “Our new right-angle head will ensure that the top surfaces are perfectly matched when the leaves are inserted and the table closed around them.”

The head’s material top-floating capacity also allows machining at a highly consistent distance from the top of the workpiece. It recognizes inconsistencies in material thickness as well as any waviness in the overall workpiece, with a ‘floating’ range of 8 mm that allows for a positive or negative travel of 4mm, according to the company.

For information visit www.benztooling.com/woodtooling.

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