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AWFS showcase will have a futuristic focus

The 2017 AWFS fair, scheduled for July 19-22 in Las Vegas, will feature a new showcase billed as “Industry 4.0.”

It will highlight some of the latest technology expected to influence the future of manufacturing, including artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, robotics, 3-D printing, cloud computing, as well as the Internet of Things (IOT) and Internet of Services (IOS).

The showcase will be located on the show floor near the Visionary New Product Award showcases, grouping new product innovation into one central location. In addition, exhibitors participating in the showcase will also be highlighted on the show’s website, in the official show directory and have designated markers for Industry 4.0 products in their booths. 

“We really wanted to highlight Industry 4.0 and the technology that has had an impact on manufacturing for several years now, and let our attendees know how they can take advantage of this technology today, as well as what they can expect in the future,” AWFS trade show chairman Rob Howell said in a statement.

There will also be a focus on Industry 4.0 topics in the fair’s College of Woodworking Knowledge educational program.

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This article originally appeared in the May 2017 issue.

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