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Autodesk set to acquire Delcam

Autodesk, a supplier of 3-D design and engineering software, is acquiring U.K.-based Delcam, a software producer for the manufacturing industry.

The transaction is expected to close in Autodesk’s first quarter of fiscal 2015. Autodesk expects to use its non-U.S.-based cash for the transaction.

“Today we are taking an important step on our path toward delivering a better manufacturing experience,” Autodesk president and CEO Carl Bass said in a statement. “Together Autodesk and Delcam will help further the development and implementation of technology for digital manufacturing.”

Delcam offers a range of design, manufacturing and inspection software, including CAD/CAM solutions for the woodworking industry.

“I am very excited by the opportunities from combining Delcam with Autodesk to create a compelling platform from which to service both companies’ manufacturing clients,” said Delcam CEO Clive Martell. “The offer is at a level which recognizes the potential of Delcam and provides an attractive opportunity for shareholders to realize value for their current holdings in cash, while at the same time opening up new opportunities for our staff and partners operating within the wider platform of the Autodesk group.”

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