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Atlas introduces VSD refrigerant dryer

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Atlas Copco is expanding its variable speed drive (VSD) series by introducing the FD VSD 100-300, a new refrigerant dryer.

“Atlas Copco’s FD VSD 100-300 with VSD technology matches power consumption to demand, translating into a lower cost of ownership. The FD VSD 100-300 will be available in six sizes ranging from 212 to 636 cfm, offering customers up to 50 percent savings on indirect energy costs and up to 70 percent savings on direct energy costs,” the company said in a statement.

“The implementation of Atlas Copco’s VSD technology into its refrigerant dryers improves the working process used by most refrigerant dryers, also known as thermal mass or cycling dryers. As opposed to running at full load to cool a thermal mass, stopping, and then relying on that mass to complete cooling, the VSD process allows for a fluctuating air demand, made possible by an inverter that allows the refrigerant dryer compressor to match its motor speed to the user’s demand.”

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