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Apollo Sprayers adds lean manufacturing program

Apollo Sprayers International announced it is on is working with the Lean Six Sigma Institute to implement a continuous quality improvement process that simultaneously reduces operating costs.

“We selected Lean Six Sigma to help us discover and eliminate productivity limitations and to help our employees – myself included - focus on taking advantage of any and all resources that will improve our customer service and product quality,” Apollo president and CEO John Darroch said in a statement.

Lean is a philosophy developed by Toyota to operate a more profitable company by systematically reducing non-value-adding waste and including everyone in the continuous improvement process.

Six Sigma is a customer-focused business-management system developed by Motorola to identify and eliminate the causes of variability and minimize defects.

Apollo Sprayers says it will be conducting the Lean Six Sigma Program during the next 24 weeks.

“Lean Six Sigma is a demanding and very exciting development for our company. We have been experiencing tremendous growth in the past two years and adopting an operational excellence strategy positions us to operate even more profitably and at a whole new level,” said Darroch.

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