ANSI approves finish carpentry installation standard

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The American National Standards Institute recently approved the AWI 0620 – Finish Carpentry Installation Standard, a first of many in the upcoming suite of new architectural woodwork standards.

The new Installation Standard will be published alongside AWI's new primer standards, which include AWI 100 – Submittals, AWI 200 – Care & Storage, AWI 300 – Materials, and AWI 400 – Finishing.

The AWI 0620 Installation Standard contains updated requirements for the installation of architectural woodwork and related interior finishes and has been simplified in a single-document format facilitating ease of use and reference, according to ANSI.

Other improvements to AWI's Standards include new and updated illustrations, direct links to an interactive online glossary, and language that is less focused on prescriptive requirements.

The AWI 0620 –Finish Carpentry/Installation Standard, as well as the accompanying primer Standards, are expected to be published in first quarter, 2019. Until then, the Architectural Woodwork Standard, 2nd Edition remains the current woodwork standard.

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