Amana’s new saw blades feature non-stick coating


Amana Tool announced immediate availability of its Blue Blades, which feature an exclusive ElectroBlu translucent blue non-stick saw blade coating.

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The coating is applied using an environmentally friendly electrostatic process that deposits a strong, uniform micron-thin covering on the entire saw blade, according to the company.

Amana says ElectroBlu is the only non-stick coating that also envelops the carbide blade tips as well as the saw body.

“The exclusive ElectroBlu coating provides a protective barrier against resin and corrosion for Amana’s saw blades, which continue to provide superior cutting performance,” Amana technical director Frank Misiti said in a statement. “Our top priority in creating a non-stick coating was a unique formula that protects our saw blades while not interfering with the tool’s mechanical characteristics. Amana is proud of what we call ‘the new blue’ saw blades and the benefits they deliver to professional woodworkers and hobbyists alike.”

Amana’s blue blades are available in a variety of sizes, including a double-sided melamine blade and a non-melting plastic cutting blade. For information, visit

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