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AHFA promotes operating safely in pandemic


Striving to protect the health of home furnishings industry workers and to preserve their jobs for the future, the American Home Furnishings Alliance is promoting Alliance4Safety, an initiative designed to reinforce the message that “Safe=Essential” for home furnishings businesses.

“The most important aspect of operating a home furnishings business during a health crisis is operating safely, not meeting an arbitrary definition of essential. Whether you are an industry supplier, manufacturer, importer, sales representative, retailer, designer or specialized furniture carrier, your business is essential to those whose livelihoods depend on it,” says AHFA CEO Andy Counts.

In July, AHFA canvassed companies in all segments of the industry from all regions of the country to find out how they operated during Covid-19 shutdowns and what measures they took to get their companies back up and running. This information was combined with recommendations from the Center for Disease Control, Small Business Administration, local health departments, and furniture industry consultants to develop a comprehensive guide for keeping industry workers safe.

A website was formed ( which can assist businesses in developing and implementing the right response for their individual company and community when faced with a nationwide or regional health crisis. Additionally, the AHFA website ( includes tools such as a sample letter for state and local officials, press material, and signage.

“The time to convey this important message to state and local officials is now before the arrival of any new health crisis or decisions about future shutdowns,” Counts adds. 

This article was originally published in the December 2020 issue.

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