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Advantage Lumber buys mill in Brazil

An online seller,, announced the recent purchase of a hardwood lumber operation in Northern Brazil.

The company's new Brazilian facility produces hardwood decking, flooring, deck tiles and cabinet-grade hardwoods. The facility has more than 130,000-sq.-ft. of warehouse and production space, with dry kilns that have a capacity of more than 500,000 bf, according to the company.

“The factory is currently being retooled with top notch European machinery and vast improvements are being made for the facilities targeted 140-person workforce,” the company said in a statement. “The factory is to be FSC-certified with three production lines capable of an annual production of 3 million square feet of hardwood flooring, 5 million square feet of decking, 2 million square feet of deck tiles, and 7 million board feet of cabinet-grade hardwood lumber.

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