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ACC Baltimore show features 30 woodworkers

Still the most popular and the largest of all the American Craft Council shows, turnout was high for the 34th annual American Craft Council Show in Baltimore. There were about 700 exhibitors and 19,500 attendees, matching up with the numbers from the 2009 show.

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The juried show, held Feb. 25-28 at the Baltimore Convention Center, featured exhibitors working in all mediums, including wood. Bernadette Boyle, the ACC's director of marketing, says the show attracts a wide audience eager to see unique items crafted by equally unique individuals.

The Baltimore show offered four days of retail sales and two days of wholesale trade. Exhibitors were primarily from the East Coast. There were about 30 woodworking exhibitors, include a dozen turners. Wood makers had a productive show, according to Boyle.

Holly Tornheim from Nevada City, Calif., a maker of wooden sculptures and functional pieces, won the show's Award of Excellence. Furniture maker Brad Smith of Bradford Woodworking in Worcester, Pa., received the Booth Design award.

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