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AAHP declares victory with court decision

The U.S. Court of International Trade released its public decision upholding the International Trade Commission’s core findings that Chinese and domestic plywood differ so significantly that the ITC was correct to conclude that imports from China had no impact on the domestic industry’s competitive and financial position, according to the American Alliance for Hardwood Plywood.

“This decision is a victory for AAHP and its members, who argued that the domestic plywood producers’ antidumping and countervailing duty complaint should be thrown out because fundamental differences in the Chinese and domestic products mean that the Chinese product cannot cause any competitive harm to the domestic producers,” according to a statement from the trade group.

“The ITC unanimously agreed with the AAHP – terminating the unfair trade case in November of 2013. The Court of International Trade’s ruling now confirms the ITC’s core findings and means that the AAHP’s legal theory was supported by evidence while the petitioners’ opposing theories were not.”

CLICK HERE for the full decision.

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