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A call to action for companies serving the woodworking community

Woodshop News is offering a new mixed-media solution called the 2010 Black Book Resource Guide to connect buyers with sellers of woodworking machinery and supplies.

The initial release will be in print as a supplement to the January 2010 issue. The Resource Guide is designed to help woodworkers first identify which manufacturers are providing the tools and services they need and then to determine the best source solution for those products and services. Buyers can even research to determine which sellers specifically handle their state, assisting them to get to the best contact right away, when their need and the desire to fulfill that need is at its strongest.

The online guide will be constantly updated and expanded. It is up to the manufacturers, distributors, dealers and retailers to determine just how much information that these buyers can find while researching products for purchase.

Listings can be "enhanced" to include sales messages, deeper company profiles, video links or even white-papers links on woodworking solutions. Of course, enhancements are paid options. But they are options that can provide the ability to influence the purchasing process and generate measurable results in the form of lead generation.

Go to to list your company.

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