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HAND PLANES IN THE MODERN SHOP By Kerry Pierce, promotes the use of hand planes over machinery in small one-off shops.

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But whether you’re a traditionalist or you take a time-is-money approach, this will serve as an essential reference to the “hand plane universe,” to borrow a phrase from the veteran furniture maker and author. It covers bench, joinery, molding and block planes, scrapers and routers in individual chapters. The history of plane making, tips on plane collecting and profiles of modern plane makers are also provided. Would-be restorers can learn how to do the job the right way, while those getting unsatisfactory results will benefit from the troubleshooting section. The standout feature is an illustrated glossary of more than 200 planes most common to the 21st century collector and user. The 192-page hardcover sells for $39.99. Contact: Schiffer Publishing. Tel: 610-593-1777.

BLANKET CHESTS, by Scott Gibson and Peter Turner, features a collection of 30 design patterns. The blanket chest is appealing among woodworkers because of its simple form — a large box with a lid — that can also be complex, elaborate, and intricately detailed, according to the authors. This collection illustrates the versatility of the chest, one of the oldest forms of furniture. The book opens with an overview of chest-building techniques. The project chests range from traditional to contemporary and are for woodworkers of all skill levels. Approximately 200 photos and 50 drawings illustrate the designs. Gibson is a woodworker and former editor of Fine Woodworking magazine. Turner designs and builds furniture at his home in South Portland, Maine. The 200-page softcover sells for $24.95. Contact: Taunton Press. Tel: 800-888-8286.

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This article originally appeared in the September 2011 issue.

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