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MISSING SHOP MANUAL SERIES, from Fox Chapel Publishing, which recently purchased all of the content from Time Life's woodworking books and reformatted the volumes into this new series.

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So far, the series includes books on table saws, drills and drill presses, circular saws and jigsaws, glues, clamps and lathes. The basic premise of each book is to help readers get the most out of their new tools. They cover basic information on setup, safety issues and how to change blades. They also delve into specific techniques for maximizing performance. Each manual, which also features plenty of color photographs, detailed illustrations and a handy 5" x 7" format, sells for $12.95. Contact: Contact: Fox Chapel Publishing Co. Tel: 800-457-9112. www.foxchapelpublishing.com

CIVIL WAR WOODWORKING, by A.J. Hamler, is a how-to guide for creating accurate reproductions of Civil War-era objects. All 17 projects, which range from fairly easy to moderately difficult, include fully illustrated step-by-step instructions with an emphasis on authenticity. Each project chapter provides Civil War history about the item as well as key information the reader will need to duplicate period workmanship, materials and finishes in the modern shop. Projects include an ammunition box, folding camp stool, officer's field desk, candle lantern, a camp chair, tent pegs and wooden games. With scores of original photographs from the Library of Congress, as well as modern images of reenactors using the reproductions, the book will appeal to the woodworker and history buff. A.J. Hamler is the former editor of Woodshop News. The 164-page softcover sells for $24.95. Contact: Linden Publishing Inc. Tel: 800-345-4447. www.woodworkerslibrary.com

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GETTING THE MOST FROM YOUR WOOD-BUYING BUCKS, by the editors of American Woodworker magazine, shows woodworkers how to stretch their wallets when it comes to finding, cutting and drying their own lumber. With hundreds of tricks and tips for selecting and using material, even beginning craftsmen can build their dream projects without worrying about cost. Experts from American Woodworker share their ideas on how to find cheap wood, prepare it yourself and overcome some of the obstacles imperfect wood presents, such as knots and warping. Authors, including Dave Munkittrick, Tom Caspar and Tim Johnson, offer instructions on how to work with a portable sawmill, overcome defects, resaw imperfect boards and dry the lumber. The 208-page softcover sells for $19.95. Contact: Fox Chapel Publishing Co. Inc. Tel: 800-457-9112. www.foxchapelpublishing.com

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COMPLETE ROUTING, by Alan Hotham, is a guide to the latest routing products and techniques. Published and sponsored by Trend Routing Technology, the book is an essential read for the amateur or the experienced router user. Trend is a leading router specialist in the United Kingdom, but the book covers a range of general routing techniques and equipment used worldwide. It's filled with detailed advice on routing techniques as well as step-by-step instructions for using a router to its fullest potential. It covers the types of routers available in today's marketplace. It closes with a chapter on realizing the router's potential, offering the "secrets" to producing all types of doors, drawers and joinery. The 298-page hardcover sells for $59.95. To order, call 270-872-4674 or e-mail sales@trend-usa.com.

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This article originally appeared in the March 2010 issue.

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