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AUTOCAD POCKET REFERENCE, 2008 EDITION, by Cheryl R. Shrock, is an indispensable aid for all AutoCAD users, covering releases from 2006 to 2008. The guide provides easy access to fundamental commands and concepts for the everyday use of AutoCAD. It includes a comprehensive table of contents and a cross-reference index for easy access to all information. Chapters cover action commands, drawing entities, layers, input options, plotting, settings and more. Shrock is a professor and chairperson of computer aided design at OrangeCoastCollege in Costa Mesa, Calif. She is also an Autodesk registered author/publisher who has written more than a dozen versions of "Exercise Workbook for Beginning and Advanced AutoCAD." The 304-page softcover sells for $19.95. Contact: Industrial Press Inc., 989 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY10018. Tel: 888-528-7852.

A COMPILATION OF MICROGRAPHS ON WOOD AND WOOD PRODUCTS, by Norman P. Kutscha, illustrates some of the more interesting micrographs the author has seen during his career as a wood scientist and anatomist. It also offers examples of how the microscopic examination of wood and wood products can help diagnose and solve problems related to the development or manufacture of wood products. This compilation is ideal for mills trying to solve process problems or dealing with customer complaints; researchers trying to develop new or improved wood products; wood scientists and anatomists who have examined wood and wood products at the microscopic level; and the general public, particularly those who have never seen a piece of wood under a microscope. A CD-ROM of the images is also included. The 98-page spiral-bound book sells for $49.95. Contact: Forest Products Society, 2801 Marshall Court, Madison, Wis.53705. Tel: 608-231-1361.

CREATIVE HOMEOWNER'S ULTIMATE GUIDE TO CROWN MOLDING, by Neal Barrett, features 30 original crown molding and cornice projects to enhance any home interior. More than 700 photographs and illustrations guide the reader through material selection, cutting and installation techniques and finishing. Of particular interest is the section on building a cornice for indirect cove lighting. In addition to the normal architectural elements, this type of lighting enhances interior settings even further. The author gives complete directions on when and where to install all of the electrical components and wiring. Barrett is a furniture maker and owner of Barrett Woodworking in Rochester, N.Y. The 224-page softcover sells for $21.95. Contact: Creative Homeowner, 24 Park Way, Upper Saddle River, NJ07458. Tel: 800-631-7795.

COLLECTING ANTIQUE TOOLS, by Herbert P. Kean & Emil S. Pollak, describes and illustrates more than 700 of the most important primitive tools, emphasizing those which are available and affordable and have visual appeal and historic interest. Also covered are such practical aspects as where to find antique tools, how to buy and sell them, tips on cleaning, restoring and displaying, books to read, and clubs and organizations to join. The authors are both enthusiastic antique tool collectors. The 201-page softcover sells for $29.95. Contact: Astragal Press, 8075 215th St. West, Lakeville, MN55044. Tel: 866-543-3045.

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