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CNC PROGRAMMING TECHNIQUES: AN INSIDER'S GUIDE TO EFFECTIVE METHODS AND APPLICATIONS, by Peter Smid, is a programming resource for machining operations, such as thread milling, knurling, part reversal, using pallet changers, applying grooving techniques and more. Smid is a professional consultant, educator and speaker, and has worked with both manufacturers and educational institutions on the practical use of CNC technology. He considers this a third handbook, which complements his two previous publications: CNC Programming Handbook, Second Edition; and FANUC CNC Custom Macros. The first section on "Part Programming" examines making an engineered drawing, evaluating it and then developing procedures in writing a final program. Special subjects for cutter radius offset and thread milling, as well as cams and tapered mill ends are also included. Illustrations, charts, tables and practical examples provide better understanding of the concepts. The 343-page hardcover sells for $59.95. Contact: Industrial Press Inc., 200 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10010-4078. Tel: 212-889-6330.

LEARN TO TURN: A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO WOODTURNING FROM START TO FINISH, by Barry Gross, makes the subject approachable to first-timers. Selecting the right lathe is critical in producing symmetrical work, and Gross suggests making sure the tailstock and headstock line up before a purchase is made. Fundamentals are discussed in the "Getting Ready to Turn" section, such as finding the center of the stock, using either hand tools or commercial center finders. Even stance is mentioned, as turners need to be comfortable while working. He advises the tool rest position be close enough to the stock, about 1/8", because too much space can catch the tool and tear it from the worker's hand. Trusting readers to follow his safety guidelines, Gross provides three spindle-urning projects: a pen, peppermill and shoehorn. The 113-page softcover sells for $14.95. Contact: Fox Chapel Publishing, 1970 Broad St., East Petersburg, PA 17520. Tel: 800-457-9112. www.foxchapel

FRESH WOOD, VOL. 2, by Greg Asbury, Judith Smith Asbury and Margrit Lehmann Beltran, compiles photos and descriptions of 58 award-winning furniture designs displayed at the 2005 AWFS Student Design Contest in Las Vegas. Professional photographer Greg Asbury shot the winning pieces, revealing their intricate joinery and hidden detail. Shots are accompanied by students' comments on challenges they faced in making the pieces. Under the 'Top Award' section is a Newport block front desk, created by Joshua Nickolds Williams from Rockingham Community College of Wentworth, N.C. The design represents this winner's love of Newport, R.I., furniture makers Goddard and Townsend. Future contestants can use the book to understand the innovation judges are looking for. Several contributing authors, all experts in custom woodworking, offer various perspectives of the state of woodworking education as well. The 136-page hardcover sells for $45. Contact: Mitra Publishing Group, 225 North Lima St., Suite 6, Sierra Madre, CA 91024. Tel: 626-836-5506. www.mitra

— Jennifer Hicks

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