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Woodshop Library

Woodshop Library

THE SWELLING AND SHRINKING OF WOOD: A PRACTICAL TECHNOLOGY PRIMER, by Otto Suchsland, reveals exactly how moisture, air and humidity affect wood and wood-related products. Complete with figures, tables and charts, the book discusses the dimensional changes, warping, swelling and shrinking of solid wood, laminated wood products and wood-based composite boards. Dimensional stabilization of wood and wood products are also noted. Schematics, diagrams and charts covering everything from the effect of doorframe design on theoretical warp of a door rail to the mechanics of warping of two-ply laminate strip are included. The 194-page softcover sells for $59 for Forest Products Society Members and $75 for non-members. Contact: Forest Products Society Publications, 2801 Marshall Court, Madison, WI 53705-2295. Tel: 608-231-1361, Ext. 202,

VINTAGE WOODWORKING MACHINERY, VOLUME TWO, by Dana M. Batory, continues the tour of woodworking machinery manufacturers of the 19th and 20th centuries begun in Volume One. In this second volume, Batory covers the Parks Machine Co., the Boice-Crane Co., Baster D. Whitney & Son and the Crescent Machine Co. The book runs down each manufacturer with full background histories and examples of the companies' catalogs. The machinery produced is highlighted to full detail. It's interesting to see 1920-version catalogs with "saw-table" images, with full and very informative descriptions of each machine and tool. A portable saw rig from the 1920s Parks Machine catalog doesn't look all that portable, weighing in at 950 lbs. (with the engine, that is; it was only 400 lbs. without the engine.) Of course, without the engine and engine belt, the saw was, in the 1920s, only $90. The 200-page softcover is illustrated and sells for $29. Contact: Astragal Press, P.O. Box 239, Mendham, N.J. Tel: 866-543-3045.

THE ART OF STEPHEN HUNECK, by Laura Beach, is a retrospective on artist and writer Stephen Huneck. Huneck's life and art (traditional New England folk art) revolves mostly around dogs, a subject that helped make him famous. He's the author of children's books including "Sally Goes to the Beach" and "Sally Goes to the Vet." (Sally was Huneck's dog, who died a few years ago.) His woodcarving and wood sculptures are works of art, and his Dog Chapel building — his largest and most ambitious art piece — is adorned with woodcuts of dogs of all kinds, including pews that are held up by carved Golden retrievers. Dogs are always welcome — "all creeds , all breeds," notes a sign outside the chapel. Dog-inspired furniture is also displayed throughout the book. Chock-full of 260 large color pictures, Beach describes every aspect of Huneck's career and adds some interesting facts about Huneck, his work and folk art in general. Anyone interested in carving, woodworking, folk art and man's best friend should be a fan of both this book and of Stephen Huneck. The 256-page hardcover sells for $50. Contact: Harry N. Abrams Inc., 100 5th Ave., New York, NY 10011. www.abrams

— James Foye

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