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Wood is good for car interiors


Hardwood specialist Danzer recently presented automobile interiors at Automobil Produktion magazine’s Future Interior Summit in Böblingen, Germany.

The company, which has production facilities in North America and Europe, produces sliced veneer, lumber and decorative wood products. Its new wood/metal and wood/light combinations were featured at the show.

“Our Danzer Freeform line and our latest wood/light ideas are among the most in-demand products right now in the automotive industry. Carmakers are increasingly using wood for vehicle interiors,” Eckart Schmitt, CEO of Danzer’s Specialty Division, said in a statement.

Danzer and its representatives say carmakers are turning to wood for vehicle interiors.

Danzer and its representatives say carmakers are turning to wood for vehicle interiors.

“Wood emanates warmth, conveying a sense of comfort and security. As an element, wood is set to play an increasingly important role, particularly when it comes to the high-tech cars of the future, primarily with respect to new generations of self-driving vehicles.”

Danzer’s Freeform technology is an industrial process that adds metal inlays to wood surfaces, making it possible to create veneers with inlays in virtually any shape. Decorative elements, typographical details and logos can be added to wood surfaces quickly and at reasonable cost, according to the company.


Danzer was also a main sponsor of the summit, which focused on future developments in automotive interiors and the prevailing trends in the transport sector.

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This article originally appeared in the February 2019 issue.

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