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Turnaround Artists

Founded in 1994, Aubin Woodworking of Bow, N.H., keeps its competitive edge by embracing the latest industry technology. The high-end architectural millwork shop is fully equipped with automated equipment that enables employees to quickly meet project requests of commercial clients.

Owner Tony Aubin, left, and vice president Randy Waslyak.

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"It's a fire drill almost on a daily basis around here," says owner Tony Aubin. "A customer will call up and say they want to accept the quote on the job, that they're ready to go and that they want it in two weeks. A year ago, that was unheard of. We'd tell them we couldn't do it. These days, we have to take it or they'll turn around and say another shop down the road said they can do it."

Meeting the demands of clients is critical because the competition is fierce in light of the recession. However, Aubin Woodworking has never lost sight of its ability to offer clients hands-on craftsmanship and superior service. The strategy of melding technology with traditional skills has solidified the company's reputation and helped its doors remain open while other businesses struggle or fail.

Shop foreman Eric Couture at the controls of the shop's SCMI CNC router, while Tom Kelly stacks machined panels.

With 16 employees, including nine in the shop, the company services general contractors throughout New England. Custom products are made for commercial entities such as hospitals and health care facilities, banks, schools and libraries. The company's commercial preference may change in the future, however, as Aubin is ready to take on any job that comes through the door.

Employee to employer

Aubin was born in Vermont and has lived in New Hampshire since high school. He grew up around woodworking enthusiasts, but is the first in his family to take it to a professional level. He took design and drafting in high school, and some woodworking courses at the University of New Hampshire, where he graduated with an associate degree in applied business management and civil technology.

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