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Rockler reaches goal

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware partnered with the Hardwood Forestry Fund and set a goal to plant more than 10,000 hardwood trees as part of an event to celebrate Earth Day. Rockler pledged to donate the price of one tree for every purchase made from April 20-27 at

“The event has been so hugely successful and has received overwhelming customer support,” said Scott Ekman, Rockler’s vice president of marketing. “Surpassing our goal tells us that our customers really understand the importance of supporting organizations like the Hardwood Forestry Fund and we, in turn, extend our support.”

The Hardwood Forestry Fund is a non-profit educational foundation based in Reston, Va., and is supported by the forest products industry, conservation-focused foundations and individuals. The fund creates sustainable forests on suitable and quality public sites, using seedling planting, direct seeding and forest management techniques to promote natural regeneration. The young forests are managed for wildlife habitat, water quality, soil conservation, timber products and natural resource education.

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This article originally appeared in the June 2011 issue.

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