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Reliving the experience

Hendrix playing the ‘69 Flying V and the limited-edition reproductions.

Hendrix playing the ‘69 Flying V and the limited-edition reproductions.

Gibson has recreated two iconic guitars played by Jimi Hendrix at its custom shop in Nashville, Tenn.

“Having the opportunity to release Jimi’s 1969 Gibson Flying V and 1967 Gibson SG Custom is a dream come true, an amazing opportunity that comes with an obligation for all of us at Gibson to pay tribute to Jimi,” Gibson’s Cesar Gueikian said in a statement.

In 1969, Hendrix ordered a left-handed Gibson Flying V, used during the Band of Gypsys’ era with an ebony finish and gold hardware. Gibson’s tribute run includes 25 left-handed and 125 right-handed versions.

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Hendrix played a right-handed 1967 Gibson SG, strung lefty, on the Dick Cavett Show on Sept. 9, 1969. Gibson’s 150 reproductions are all right-handed.

“I don’t know of a more perfect time than the present for the world to be inspired and electrified by the spirit of Jimi, embodied in these guitars,” Janie Hendrix, sister of the musician and president and CEO of Experience Hendrix LLC & Authentic Hendrix LLC, said in a statement.

“Jimi didn’t play with just his hands, he played with his heart and really his soul, using his guitar to create positive energy. He wanted to awaken the world with it. Gibson has harnessed some of that energy and beautifully! It’s amazing to know that fans and those who love Jimi, and his music, will be able to plug into that power and keep his legacy alive.”

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This article was originally published in the March 2021 issue.

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