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Puzzle maker crafts corporate gift line

Vermont Woodshop, a puzzle maker in Rutland, Vt., recently launched a corporate gift line branded with company logos or business cards.

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Shop owner Randy Crossman has been making puzzles for more than 20 years. He offers puzzles with up to 4,000 pieces, hand-cut on a scroll saw with interlocking patterns. The shop also makes trail signs and custom woodworking projects, such as decorative sleds and home accessories. The corporate puzzles can be made quickly and are used as a way to show appreciation for a client employee or co-worker.

“The unique thing about these corporate puzzles is they come in a plastic CD-style case with a stand for people to display in their office or be given as a gift. I’ve had several companies purchase them for different executives in their offices for something special because it becomes very personal when it’s your own business card,” Crossman says.

Randy Crossman, a master puzzle-cutter, infuses the corporate gift industry through hand-cut wooden business card and corporate logo puzzles.

The business card puzzles have approximately 24 pieces, hand-scrolled from quarter-inch cherry plywood. The puzzles can be one- or two-sided and there’s the option of adding a custom silhouette, such as a cutout of a company logo or the recipient’s favorite pet. The puzzles start at $32 and can be ordered online.

There are about 50 pieces in the company logo puzzles. The logo can appear as a straight reproduction or recreated using multiple tones of wood. They start at $50.

The shop also makes custom cutting boards that can be personally engraved.

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This article originally appeared in the July 2016 issue.

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