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Please be seated, if you dare

Furniture designer Deger Cengiz presented his "Cactus Chair" as part of "The Dreamers" exhibition in May at Voos Furniture in New York. His experimental design combines functionality with artistic concepts, though you might be thinking, Who'd want to sit on a cactus?

Deger Cengiz's "Cactus Chair."

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"It investigates the effect of visual data on the user's experience," says Cenzig. "The existence of the cactus gives temporary discomfort, even though it is not a real threat."

Cenzig goes on to explain that the chair is made from green-tinted Plexiglas sheets over a barrel cactus, resulting in a "visual bewilderment accompanied by an awkward seating experience."

Doesn't that sound inviting?

The chair has an approximate weight limit of 250 lbs. Here's hoping that's a conservative estimate. Cengiz built the chair, which is currently on display at ABC Carpet & Home in New York City.

Cengiz's portfolio also includes the "Planer Chair," an armchair made from salvaged redwood from a dismantled water tower, created by joining four plain surfaces without any screws or hardware.

More of his work can be seen at

This article originally appeared in the August 2010 issue.

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