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National Tradesmen Day

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There's a day for lefties (Aug. 13) and secretaries - excuse me, administrative assistants (April 27) - so why not a day for tradesmen. Irwin Tools has made it somewhat official by declaring Sept. 16 as National Tradesman Day.

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The day will focus the nation's attention on the "hands that built America" and will include celebrations, recognition events and activities throughout the country.

"Tradesmen are the bedrock of America and we invite the nation to be part of National Tradesmen Day to honor the men and women who contribute to our lives in so many meaningful ways," says Curt Rahilly, vice president of marketing for Irwin Tools.

"We hope that by focusing attention on professional tradesmen on this day, we will recognize the role that they play each and every day. All of us should thank the skilled workers who build America and keep our nation running strong. Whether through a national proclamation or a simple box of doughnuts taken to a job site, we can show tradesman that we appreciate their work."

How can you not like any day that might involve doughnuts? So put a shine on your work boots, iron your Dickies and lay out a fresh T-shirt - National Tradesmen Day is almost here.

This article originally appeared in the April 2011 issue.

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