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Grilling in style

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has introduced a unique 16-piece hardware kit that lets woodworkers craft their own custom-handled barbecue tools.

Rockler's new stainless-steel custom BBQ kit lets woodworkers create custom-handled barbecue tools.

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The 16-piece Barbeque Hardware Kit includes premium stainless-steel components for the essential grilling utensils, such as tongs, spatula, fork, basting brush, skewers and corn holders, leaving it up to the individual woodworker to create their own unique handles.

"What's great about this kit is that it starts you out with very high quality components," says Steve Krohmer, Rockler's vice president of product development. "With well-crafted handles, the finished set can end up being far nicer and more creative than anything store-bought."

The Barbeque Hardware Kit lets woodworkers be as creative as they like with their handle designs. Though it includes a pattern and instructions for standard band-sawn handles, the options are unlimited. Rockler has seen everything from turned and carved handles to sports-themed handles made with golf grips or cutoff hockey sticks.

The 16-piece Barbeque Hardware Kit retails for $29.99.

Contact: Rockler Woodworking and Hardware. Tel: 763-478-8201.

This article originally appeared in the January 2010 issue.

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