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Wolf Bench Paw offers non-slip friction pad

It's Much Better Than Competitor's Glued-On Rubber Pads! Made in Wyoming, by Merging Nature's Ancient Design with the Modern Technology of an Overmolded Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE).

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When we were designing this bench pad, we asked the question, "What in nature does what we wish to do?" Our canine neighbors in our home state provided the answer.

This unique, open pad, wolf paw design allows dust to fall through and between the toes of the micro-textured traction surfaces, reducing dust build-up and maintaining a powerful grip. We guarantee you will be pleased with the way these pads grip your workpiece. In our testing we found the WOLF BENCH PAW's static coefficient of friction to be quite high at about 1.2. A coefficient over 1.0 means the friction force exceeds the work piece's weight.

They are also are designed to let you insert a 3/8" dowel pin in the center hole of the pads to support your workpiece for easier finishing. The pad can also be attached directly to your bench or work surface by a wood screw if desired, andare easily cleaned by wiping with a moist rag.

  • Ideal for a multitude of uses such as finishing, sanding, routing, sawing and more.
  • Saves finishing time by allowing both sides to be stained or oiled in one application.
  • Prevents damage from clamps and usually prevents them even from being in the way.
  • Handy, built-in storage compartment in the base of each pad for a dowel and screw.
  • Set includes four paws, (4) unsharpened dowel pins and (4) woodscrews.
  • Patent application in process.
  • Made in Wyoming.

How Our Bench Paws Are Built

The pad base is first injected molded from polypropylene. In the second process, the molten elastomer for the pad flows by way of "runners" on the reverse side of the bench paw and passes through carefully located passage holes to form the individual pads seen on the face. The mold cavities forming the tightly-bonded pads are micro-textured to enhance the pads' friction.

For additional product information, please contact:

Ken Pollitt

Product Manager

(505) 797-1487 Ext. 3036

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