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Wagner brings 50 years of know-how to IWF

Wagner Meters will showcase moisture measurement systems and handheld meters at IWF.

“For over 50 years, Wagner has provided moisture measurement systems for primary sawmills, as well as door/window, flooring, cabinet, and other wood products manufacturers,” the company said in a statement. “Wagner’s current Omega model system not only offers accurate moisture measurement and detection of out-of-spec boards, but also offers a robust data collection and analysis software package for tracking of moisture quality control and kiln performance. Omega systems have helped manufacturers prevent moisture-related defects, costly product returns, and improve kiln drying.

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“For decades, Wagner’s handheld moisture meters have provided the best in non-pin, non-damaging accurate moisture measurement for many different wood products applications.”

For information, visit IWF booth No. 1306 and

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