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VTM offers Stema Lockdowel CNC insertion machine

Wood technology distributor VTM will debut Stema’s CNC machine for Lockdowel’s assembly system at the 2017 AWFS fair.

According to VTM, the new Stema CNC machine for Lockdowel offers true flexibility and more customization than any other. Simultaneously, it can insert the standard 20mm Lockdowel Eclips fastener, as well as the new 5mm Eclips fastener and 5mm spring pin.

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“Stema has not only designed a machine, but a system that with a few simple changes transforms and personalizes according to the analysis we make customer per customer,” VTM president and CEO Ed Moran said in a statement.

“The Stema Lockdowel CNC system consists of a solid base that can be easily stretched to create different working fields, while maintaining its solidity. This can be equipped with different machining groups — four to nine independent spindle heads that can work on the edges of the panel or main faces. It also offers right and left rotating electro-spindles, which can be mounted vertically, horizontally and at a specific angle, as well as groups for inserting fittings on request and on customer specifications like wooden dowels, metal pins and PVC accessories.”

For more, visit AWFS booth No. 7426 and

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