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Vectric launches Aspire 4.5 and VCarve Pro 7.5

Vectric Ltd. announced new releases for both Aspire and VCarve Pro, its two main CNC routing software packages. The new versions are available as a free upgrade for customers running either Aspire V4 or VCarve Pro 7.

Drawing and editing of 2-D data has seen a number of enhancements to add flexibility, with improvements to snapping and object manipulation along with an automated boundary creation option. In the machining section of the software the peck-drilling now has additional control options and there are improvements to more efficiently machine slots and grooves.

For users of SketchUp software there is a new import tool which can dramatically reduce the time to go from design to machine when importing an SKP file, this also automatically improves data quality for arcs and circles. Once imported the software’s True Shape Nesting allows for optimized layout of the parts to maximise material usage.

Aspire’s 3-D modeling tools have had a new “Emboss” function added to maximise surface detail when scaling down the depth of deep 3-D models. There is also a new “Perspective” option when importing a 3-D object in the software to create more dramatic layout effects.

Vectric is a U.K. based company specializing in design and machining software solutions for CNC router users. With an emphasis on affordable, easy to learn but full-featured products, Vectric has seen year on year sales and personnel growth since being founded in 2005. This growth was recognized when Vectric was awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade in 2010.

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