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TigerStop offers TigerTouch with on-board touchscreen

TigerStop is now offering TigerTouch, a new and innovative software solution for fully automated material processing.

Cut-off, punching, boring and machining equipment requiring length measurement can now couple a TigerStop positioning system with TigerTouch, which operates on a touch-screen tablet interface.

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TigerTouch provides a highly sophisticated and easy-to-use visual representation of the actual material process, allowing for greater control and customization on the manufacturing floor. TigerTouch is equipped with the powerful and easy-to-use Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet with its large, 12” touchscreen, according to the company.

TigerTouch supports both push-feed and set-point cut lists from manual to auto processing. The program allows the user to download cut lists straight from the office. TigerTouch can then optimize all the material in the cut list on the fly, based on the operator’s specific needs.

“We designed TigerTouch to dramatically improve operator ease-of-use and allow the user to have everything from manual to full auto processing at their fingertips,” TigerStop founder and CEO Spencer Dick said in a statement.

For information, visit AWFS booth Nos. 8637 and 8837 and at

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