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SuperSilent saw blades quietly making waves

NAP Gladu recently added SuperSilent saw blades to its full line of woodworking saw blades. Featuring a 2mm ultra-thin kerf and MicroGeo polycrystalline diamond teeth, SuperSilent saw blades produce smooth, scalpel-like cuts all types of coated and uncoated wood-based materials including; chipboard, MDF, plywood, and even abrasive materials such as laminate, according to the company.

State-of-the-art cutting technology combine with innovative Direct Chip Guide geometry to provide effortless, uninterrupted cutting in both rip and crosscut applications. This advanced blade design also safely and effectively directs debris away from the cutting path for superior cutting results and a cleaner board, the company says.

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Ultimately, SuperSilent saw blades extend tool life, and at the same time reduce noise levels by a whopping 20 decibels. This translates to a 75 percent reduction of perceived noise, so your shop environment is significantly quieter.

“The Super Silent blades last up to 6 times longer than other blades,” says Brett Reid, national sales manager for NAP Gladu’s Canadian division. “Their durability and versatility provide an exceptionally low cost per cut, and reduces the need for time-consuming tool changes.”

For information, visit and Booth No. 5113 at IWF.

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