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Stiles set to showcase plastics technologies

Stiles Machinery will showcase a number of plastics manufacturing technologies and solutions for sizing, machining and polishing acrylics and other plastics at this year’s AWFS fair.

Stiles will be hosting live machinery demonstrations for plastics applications that will include the Weeke ABP 155, a CNC-controlled diamond edge polishing machine for manufacturing acrylic components. The ABP 155 can be used as a stand-alone polishing machine or as a component within a work cell, according to the company.

The company will also have a Kuper KNF 300 V-Grooving machine and a Euracryl V-2 diamond acrylic chamfer machine on display for decorative and constructional applications.

For plastics machining and cutting technologies, Stiles will be running a variety of demonstrations with varying materials on its Altendorf F45 Fusion sliding table saw, Holzma HPP 300 panel saw, and Weeke Vantech CNC nested-based router.

Stiles will also host a SMART seminar, “True Acrylic manufacturing: Sizing, machining and polishing utilizing today’s technologies,” on Friday, July 24 at 7:30 a.m. (PST) at booth No. 8054. The seminar will address key acrylic manufacturing processes including diverse cutting solutions for engraving, profiling and the polishing of curved geometries on a nested-based router, according to the company.

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