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SmartShop demo will focus on automation

SmartShop, a fully operational cabinet shop on the exhibit floor, will showcase "Simplicity in Automation for the Small Shop."

If you’ve ever been intimidated by the vast field of woodworking machinery visible on a trade show floor, the SmartShop brings automation down to scale for the modest size shops. This is a great opportunity for you to see how it takes less time to do more, and do it with ease and sophistication.

It will be hosted by industry expert Gero Sassenberg and other professionals who will be on hand to answer questions as a fully automated shop demonstrates the machinery and processes of cabinet construction from data input software to cabinet assembly. The experts will interact with attendees while demonstrating the automation process from start to finish.

The SmartShop will produce product for a local charity and feature free demos throughout the fair. It will be located in the central hall at booth No. 4057.

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