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Schmalz breaks new ground in Raleigh, N.C.

Schmalz Inc. recently announced it is building a new facility on a six acre site in Raliegh, N.C.

“We are very excited about this big important step for our company. This will be one of the largest company owned facilities outside of Germany,” J. Schmalz GmbH managing director and co-owner Wolfgang Schmalz said in a statement.

“Schmalz Inc. has been growing steadily since it was founded here in Raleigh 16 years ago. In order to keep up with demand the number of employees has more than doubled in just the last few years. We are committed to the Triangle Area and the employees here that have helped to build this business,” added Volker Schmitz, president of Schmalz Inc. “This additional investment of about $7 million in Phase I will ensure that Schmalz Inc. has enough space in order to continue to grow at its current pace. A larger Phase II expansion is not that far away.”

The new facility will provide more room for testing and assembly of automation systems, along with a dedicated customer show room, training rooms and increased office space.

“This new set up will decisively improve the overall material flow at Schmalz Inc. from parts receipt to testing to packaging to dispatch of the finished products and the new office areas will provide the employees with even more natural light,” Schmalz vice president of operations Gary Vickerson said.

For information, visit AWFS booth No. 8000 and

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