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Schmalz at AWFS: Woodworking enhanced by vacuum technology

Schmalz will be presenting powerful systems for manual and automated vacuum handling in the wood and furniture industries at AWFS 2017.

“A new addition is the FST-C, a clamping suspension unit for area grippers for handling workpiece layers at varying heights,” the company said in a statement. “Used in conjunction with our area grippers, the clamping suspension unit makes the ideal solution for handling warped boards, wooden boards and planks. It’s also suitable for use in dusty environments, and will not detach from the workpiece due to dynamic bending strain (peeling effect).

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“The FMP-S area gripping system can also be seen in Las Vegas. Its benefits include quick handling of furniture parts and wooden spacers. Grippers with the VSi vacuum and pressure switch are Industry 4.0-ready. In addition to its NFC technology, the switch also has an IO-Link interface for monitoring low and excess pressure.

“The vacuum clamping solutions for CNC machines exhibited by Schmalz at AWFS are suited for use on grid, smooth or console tables. VCBL-B-type vacuum blocks for CNC wood working machines will be demonstrated. The components are very robust and fix the workpiece safely. If vacuum blocks are damaged through collision or wear, it is not necessary to procure an expensive new vacuum gripper. The suction plate itself can simply be exchanged and the user can resume work. In conventional systems, on the other hand, the entire vacuum block has to be replaced.”

Schmalz also provides a solution for loading CNC machines with wooden or particleboards, or OSB sheets: the VacuMaster Comfort 125 cavuum lifter. It can lift workpieces of up to 125 kg and swivel them by up to 90 degrees. All of the device’s controls are integrated into the operating element; the ergonomic design allows continuous, strain-free work, according to the company.

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