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RUF offers new revenue source for woodshops

Furniture manufacturers, architectural woodworkers and milling operations can solve their wood waste problems and discover a new revenue source by visiting the RUF Briquetting Systems at IWF.

RUF will be showcasing the latest in custom-designed, wood waste recovery briquetting equipment.

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“RUF briquetting machines can accommodate most residual materials, from wood and sawdust waste to non-wood biomass,” according to the company. “With RUF briquetting systems, waste is compacted into briquettes that can be used or sold as an environmentally friendly source of fuel for woodstoves, fireplaces, boilers and furnaces. The briquettes are formed under high pressure without any artificial binder, keeping them a natural product. And because wood waste and sawdust is compressed into briquettes, shops experience a reduction in environmentally harmful sawdust.

“Typically, RUF briquetting systems pay for themselves in less than 18 months. The machines are easily installed, don’t crowd the workspace and are self-operating. RUF machines can also be set to run 24/7.”

For information, visit IWF booth No. 7929 and

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