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Pillar has new machine for Lockdowel fasteners

Lockdowel announces the new Pillar Machine HPLD-Eclips CNC drill and insertion machine for the cabinet and furniture industry.

The machine is designed, engineered and manufactured in America to drill and insert Lockdowel’s Eclips 20mm Barbed Channel Lock or H-Clip and 8mm steel spring pin, allowing panels to be fastened without glue, case-clamps or tools—reducing assembly time by 70 percent, according to the company.

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“The Pillar HPLD builds on the very successful HPJ systems and control software platform,” Lockdowel CEO Stephen Macdonald said in a statement. “Forty percent of the HPJ’s currently installed worldwide work independently from Computer Aided Design software applications, which echoes the ease of which the HPJ is directly programmed and controlled.”

The HPJ and HPLD interfaces directly to the premiere CAD applications servicing the panel processing industry. These applications include Cabinet Vision, Microvellum, KCD, Mosaik, Top Solid, IMOS and others. All of which currently include Lockdowel Eclips cabinet and construction methods for frame-less and face-framed cabinets.

For more, visit Lockdowel ( at AWFS booth No. 9256 and Pillar Machine ( at AWFS booth No. 7456.

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