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Packsize introduces iQ Fusion for on-demand packaging

Through the introduction of the iQ Fusion 2, Packsize International strengthens its portfolio of on demand packaging machines as companies continue to face an escalation in courier prices for their bulky yet lightweight packages, according to the company.

The iQ Fusion 2 brings greater speed and consistency to making boxes directly on a company’s pack line. With the iQ Fusion 2, a company can create an infinite number of right-sized box sizes to ensure the best product fit, which minimizes the need for void fill and unnecessary dimensional charges.

The iQ Fusion 2 allows a single packaging operator to transition from box creation to box induction with significantly reduced cycle time. The new machine design modifications also culminate in faster throughput, giving customers the ability to further reduce the time and costs associated with their packaging and shipping operations, according to Packsize.

“Since roughly 40 percent of every package consists of air, On Demand Packaging shrinks the volume of the box and eliminates costly dimensional charges,” Packsize CEO Hanko Kiessner said in a statement. “Through our ability to affect volumetric or dimensional weight pricing, Packsize customers are already saving on extra shipping costs and seeing firsthand the benefit of a right-sized product shipment by simply being able to fit more product on their trucks.”

Designed with flexibility in mind, the efficient and cost-effective iQ Fusion 2 can be placed on just about any pack line, requires no capital investment, and uses Packsize’s corrugated z-Fold for the box-making process. Available immediately, the iQ Fusion 2 also includes PackNet software and hardware accessories.

For information, visit Booth No. 4822 at IWF 2014.

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