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Ovvo honored at Interzum

The new Ovvo V-0930 Connection System received the top prize of “Best of the Best” at the Interzum 2017 trade fair in Cologne, Germany.

“To win a ‘Best of the Best’ award at Interzum 2017 means a lot to Ovvo,” inventor Sean Phillips said in a statement. “It is a fantastic endorsement and validation of our product, into which we have put a huge amount of effort and time to develop and design. We are now more confident than ever that Ovvo will transform the woodworking industry and look forward to working with more and more customers to revolutionize their businesses.”

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The new smaller connector greatly extends the range of materials, industries and applications in which Ovvo can be used, and will amplify the scale of efficiencies that manufacturers will achieve when Ovvo is incorporated into production/manufacturing processes. It is available in both permanent and releasable versions, according to the company.

It works best in high-grade board with thickness of 12 mm and above, and can also work in slightly thinner materials that are more dense, such as high pressure laminates, composite material and solid wood for certain applications. The innovative dovetail design delivers increased intrinsic tolerance which leads to enhanced shear and tensile strength of the joint created; the new design also features a solid central rib that confers increased joint rigidity. The new single piece housing also makes automatic insertion possible, a significant enhancement on the design of the original connector.

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