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Outwater will offer new lighting options

Outwater will feature its new LED ribbon lights at IWF, described as the most versatile and thinnest on the market.

The new 24-volt series, with no fixtures to hide, can be easily mounted by means of incorporated 3M peel-and-stick double-sided adhesive backing. It is suited for illuminating furniture, in or under cabinets, wall units, showcases, displays, toe kicks, cove or cornice accents, or any type of indoor or outdoor application that warrants an almost nonexistent profile, according to the company.

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Outwater’s additional LED Ribbon Flex Lighting variants encompass Offset LED (Standard Edge of Light) and Standard 12-volt versions as well as Chasing RGB, RGB with True White, Chasing Solid White and White Chameleon special effects models.

Outwater also offers lighting designers a vast selection of LED Ribbon Aluminum Lighting Channels in many different shapes and sizes, both with and without snap on impact resistant frosted polycarbonate diffuser lenses, ABS, polycarbonate or aluminum end caps and stainless steel mounting clips in 4-ft., 6-1/2-ft. and 8-ft. profiles for use in a wide range of functions.

For information, visit and Booth No. 1406 at IWF.

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