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Outwater adds to Wood Plus molding line

Outwater offers an updated line of Wood Plus decorative moldings that portray the look, quality and elegance of the finest plaster and wood moldings at the cost of inexpensive, unfinished pine moldings.

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“Comprising a premium grade, solid wooden core harvested from managed forests, Outwater’s Wood Plus collection includes a full range of crown moldings, panels, panel moldings, friezes, backbands and casings fused with a durable, ultra-smooth composite polymer bonding that can be painted without priming,” the company said in a statement.

“Offered with highly intricate or more conservative embellishments to suit specific decorative needs, Outwater’s Wood Plus moldings convey the authentic detail and deep relief motifs of old-world, labor-intensive plaster moldings utilized in beautifully appointed, refined settings from the past.”

Wood Plus moldings are sold 8’ lengths.

For information, CLICK HERE and visit AWFS booth No. 4645.

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