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Nordfab connects with XD Ducting

Nordfab Ducting offers a new line of 14-gauge galvanized steel ducting with Quick-Fit clamp-together ends.

XD Ducting is ideal for applications where the material conveyed in the dust collection or material handling system is highly abrasive, such as wood chips, or locations in the duct line where excessive wear occurs, according to the company.

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“Ducting with Quick-Fit ends allows simple installation without special tools, rivets, screws, or welding. The rolled edges in conjunction with the QF Clamp allow quick connections, cutting installation and downtime by more than 45 percent in comparison to flanged duct installations. QF clamp-together duct also allows fast dismantling which is advantageous when conveying material that tends to clog the ductwork; XD duct with QF ends can be quickly unclamped and temporarily removed for locating and removing the clog, then reclamped and reinstalled.

“XD Duct components have solid welded seams, eliminating leakage and improving the energy efficiency of the dust collection systems. Traditional heavy gauge duct is seamed via rivets or lock-form, neither of which provides a good seal,” the company says.

For information, visit IWF booth No. 7341 and

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