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‘No mark’ countersink available from EuroLimited will feature its new countersink with an adjustable nylon depth stop with ball-bearing thrust at IWF.

The nylon depth stop stops turning when it touches the surface of the material and will not leave a mark on veneers, melamine, laminate, hardwoods or softwoods. The large chip ejection ports allow dust and debris to easily be eliminated.

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It is height-adjustable for screw depth and wood plugs, and is available in sizes for No. 8 and 10 woodscrews. This bit is designed with a clearance drill bit larger than the screw threads so the materials being drilled won’t push apart during assembly. Its heavy-duty design can easily handle high production and industrial use, according to the company.

For information, visit and Booth No. 8117 at IWF.

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