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New Foamkore option from Kerfkore

Kerfkore Co. now offers Foamkore, a foam board that provides a structural panel with greatly reduced weight, with an optional internal perimeter band.

“Foamkore continues to be a great product for lightweight panels,” the company said in a statement. “It's a product that fabricators easily see a potential for use as they continue to come up with ingenious ways to incorporate it in their projects. A few of the many usages for Foamkore include ceilings, signs, partitions, walls, shelves, stage props, doors, marine panels, cabinets, furniture, motor homes and boats.

“We can provide these internal bands made of MDF, particle board, solid wood, and plywood as needed. This allows for many more options when considering your edge treatment requirements. Panels can also be manufactured to custom sizes and thickness as required for the project.”

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