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New electronic position indicator from Fiama

Fiama, a producer of position indicators and changeover devices, will introduce the F7, a compact electronic position indicator based on a programmable display and magnetic sensor.

The F7 is user programmable by the three soft keys on the front cover, according to the company. Programmable parameters consist of:

  • Linear or angular display
  • Decimal placement
  • Counting direction
  • Metric or inch values (linear); angle value
  • Function settings
  • Keypad enable/lockout

“The LCD display consists of a 7.5mm digit height which has a display range of-99999 to +99999,” the company said in a statement. “The compact shape of the indicator body, measuring 48x38x24 (mm), allows for a small footprint. The indicator is powered by a commercially available 1/2AA battery, with a battery indicator that allows for ample notification of battery replacement, which has an average four-year life. The battery may be replaced without loss of current position or program.

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“Two F7 varieties are available: an integrated sensor on the bottom of the display, or an external (cabled) sensor with a variety of cable lengths. The F7 has tapped holes in the back for panel mounting, or can be used with several available mounting options such as a flanged, bracketed or swivel supports. The compact unit works in conjunction with Fiama’s magnetic band (linear/partial arc) or magnetic ring (angular). Pricing starts below $200 each.”

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